What would happen if your Loyalty Marketing Agency could manage the whole process, 360 Degree?

Contrary to popular belief, Customer Loyalty Programmes are the name of an umbrella organization rather than a product or a service name. It contains many functions and services.

Following our marketing experience of 20 years, during which we focused on customer loyalty programme for 10 years, we established 360 Degree Marketing in 2011.

We have chosen “360 Degree” as our name with the claim of managing all the processes of this big organization from a single point.

There were companies that serve in our country in customer loyalty programmes but nearly all of them were providing services in a certain area (some were supplying products to loyalty programs, some were providing only technology, some were providing creative services) and thus customers had to work with multiple suppliers to have comprehensive customer loyalty programme.

Moreover, these suppliers had to work in harmony with one another. At this point and for this purpose, we, started to offer all the services given by different suppliers in Turkey with the same quality and understanding as European and American professional loyalty agencies.

Time flies by for all of us, so did for 360 Degree.

In the beginning, we have been thinking that we were giving 360 Degree service, but when we look at it now, can easily say that we have seen a few rounds on the circle. We have added new features, functions to our services.

“360, you would do this as well” say our customers; encouraging and supporting us which led us to add more rings to our circle.

In the past, Customer loyalty programmes were assessed as "Good going" or "We do, but we do not know much about the results." But we began to serve our customers with real, transparent, traceable, measurable key performance indicators.

Instead of having template applications, we applied suitable strategies as every company, every customer has their own specific dynamics and targets in their field. Detailed researches took place to determine the right strategies

We worked with our expert analysts, on thousands of raw data every day to produce accurate outcomes.

With our creative and digital teams, we have created web logos, designs, web mobile sites, recorded movies, had organisations, designed games specifically for the programmes.

We set up supply chain management platforms to deliver the most appropriate rewards at the most affordable prices in fastest and smoothest way. Than we integrated this expert logistics into our cargo partners, suppliers and sub-contractors.

As a result of our efforts, we have shown our customers what we could achieve with measurable data. We now are a Global company who won an international award. We have started to work on similar projects in different countries with the support and references of our global customers we serve in Turkey.

Today, we continue to grow as an expert agency on a global scale with even greater enthusiasm.

We look forward to hear from you to introduce ourselves in person, where we could express you what we can do for your company, your franchisees, your employees and your customers.

Hope to meet you...